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From sea to the source

FROM SEA TO SOURCE es un texto que trata sobre migración de peces resultado de la colaboración de varios profesionales. Más información en el siguiente enlace:

From sea to source

FROM SEA TO SOURCE is the result of collaborations and partnerships with fisheries professionals all over the world, drawn together to provide a major new text on the theme of fish migration. The underlying concept is the increasingly recognised need for preservation but, more frequently, the restoration of free migration for all species of fish.

Migratory fish are well-known to us all, whether it’s a meal of smoked salmon – now more available than ever – or a rare taste of caviar. Or perhaps it is the sight on TV of a grizzly bear as it waits patiently to catch a salmon as it leaps during its migration upstream? But for many millions of people worldwide the seasonal migrations of fish bring protein and are an essential food resource.

Migratory fish stocks are a vital component of river ecosystems. Their often complex life cycles place great demands on mankind as we seek to ensure the wellbeing of our fish stocks at a time of increasing pressure on rivers and the water cycle. Migratory fish are amongst the most demanding of fish, requiring free migration routes and often high standards of environmental quality, and as such they are potent indicators of the health of our environment.

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From sea to source

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