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This is my professional web site where my professional interests and projects which I have been involved are shown:

Ichthyology and freshwater ecosystems (in Spanish)

Environmental Toxicology and Public Health (in Spanish)

Environmental Impact Assessment (in Spanish)

My education and professional experience has focused in environmental issues. I obtained my Bachelor Degree in Biology (speciality: Environment) and from that moment I have been involved in technical and scientific projects related to two main subjects: environmental impact assessment and aquatic organisms and ecosystems.

In relation to the first subject, I have worked in the efficiency of mitigation measures of energy infrastructures projects and in the application of conservation and biodiversity policies from the European Union (Birds and Habitats Directives). In addition, I have been involved in the development of activities within international cooperation frameworks.

As for the second area, I have gained ample experience working on several aspects of aquatic organisms and ecosystems, in particular those dealing with freshwater fishes (field sampling, biology and ecology, management, characterisation of inland water bodies, etc.).

At present I am working on projects aiming to advance our understanding of behaviour and adaptability of native fishes in vertical slot fishways, and to fine-tune the methodology and instruments in order to better understand the migrating path of fishes and swimming costs.

All over this time I have been combining these activities with teaching. Currently I am a lecturer at the Complutense University of Madrid.

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You are welcome to exchange information and discuss about these subjects, to consult about them, to suggest colaboration, etc…

Fishway in Árrago river (Tagus basin, Cadalso de Gata, Extremadura)